Research Steps

When you find a great collaborator it can not only energise you, but your family history research project. Click on the Menu ABOUT to read more.

If you are planning a trip to Ireland, as I did, then you might also like to consider connecting with an Irish historian who can help you prepare for travelling in Ireland and learning about its history and landscape.

Think of this site as a sample of what you too can create, with help from a Family Matters expert.

SOME STEPS to consider 

  1. Connect with an expert –  who knows the best way to travel within Ireland and get you started, collecting and collating your family tree research and learning more about your Irish history, ancestors, photos, memorability and stories etc.
  2. Build your family tree using proven online genealogy research tools.
  3. Lastly and most importantly collaborate with a relative or friend or better still an experienced Family Tree Research Coach to ensure you combine steps 1 and 2, creating a virtual visual diary, with additional structure and linked resources.

Working with a Family Tree Research Coach you can also create a customised site visible to the world or alternatively only those you select within your family. See Research Coach or to make a confidential enquiry email: or call 61 2 62383101.


“Thanks to Leo Goggins invaluable knowledge of Ireland and its history I was able to map out and navigate my journey to Ireland and my family tree research with even more meaning and purpose behind my visit”.

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