Judge Family Ancestors

Wikipedia Quote “The Moy rises at the foot of the Ox Mountains in County Sligo

The river flows past the Coleman’s home and alongside the 22 acres in Carracastle. Apparently it flows for about one hundred and ten klm or 68 miles.  It flows southwestward coming into County May and passes Swinford then turns north near the town of Ballina where it meets the Atlantic ocean at Killala Bay.  Its estuary is about 5 miles or 8 klms in length beginning at Ballina.  Noted in its hey day as one of the best salmon fisheries in Europe. “According to Wikipedia, “central fisheries board statistics, 101,231 returning salmon were taken by drift nets off the west coast of Ireland in 2005. In the same year, 29% (6,675) of all rod-caught salmon in Ireland were taken in the Ballina district as a result of aweir which keeps salmon trapped in the ridge pool near the mouth of the river during the summer. Drift netting for salmon was banned in November 2006 and the ban came into force on 1 January 2007.”

Moy River

Moy River

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One thought on “Moy River

  1. madeup name says:

    Its not Actually the Moy it is a tributary of it. The Moy rises in the Ox mountains near Cloonacool. The river becomes the coarse river before going through Curry and on to the Moy. 🙂 Ps Greetings from Carracastle

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