Judge Family Ancestors

2 thoughts on “Lissymulgee County Mayo

  1. Matthew Patterson says:

    My brothers name is Luke and my fathers name is Robert. Luke (youngest) is nursing his son James.

    1. sylviecarter says:

      Hi Matthew,

      Cool I’ve updated the photo caption on the family history website. I know very little about you and your mum save a few things my dad said about his cousin (your mum). She is a busy lady (as we all are) but that she works in nursing or something like that. What are you and your brothers doing work wise. Any of the boys in your family colour blind. My little brother James Judge is? That kinda stuff can be interesting for future generations I guess, or not. Some people are either into the family tree research or not. I only got into it because my daughter years ago came home with a huge family tree history assignment to do…so I told her I’ll do it as it would be better she do her maths homework or english and then I kinda got hooked with people sending me stuff. Going to Ireland as I know you also did. Anyhow….one of these days I’m going to go to meet the Judges in Townsville and Brisbane. I found one cousin, I never met (the only one in fact we have on the Judge side) and another 2nd Cousin who keep bees in Maroochydoore (not spelling that right I know). Both lovely girls and dead ringers for what I think our Great Great grandmother (Catherine Breheny) looked like actually. Both 6ft tall and kinda similar features. Anyway most people barely have time for relo’s let along their close family cause life is so busy etc. But nice sometimes I guess just to know we are out there and what similar things might be popping up through our DNA or medical things even. i.e. sad news is that the Great Grand Father John Joseph Breheny had dementia….my dad didn’t so fingers crossed it is not going down the family tree line. Hey one thing I did inherit, maybe your mum has it too, is the gift of the irish ‘gab’. ha ha. Thanks for the info….check the website as it is now all updated thanks to you for your help. Cheers Sylvie Carter (nee Judge) in Canberra

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