Judge Family Ancestors

Judge and Breheny Origins

Fields in Carracastle

Fields in Carracastle

Although there were small numbers of Judges in various parts of Ireland, the Judges were more commonly originating from Counties Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon, and Leitrim, all in one area on the left hand center portion of Ireland when looking at the map. Next location was Kildare probably because it is near Dublin, the capital and largest city.

In the Irish language, Brehon or Brehen or Brehan have an ancient origin that roughly translates to the english name “Judge“.
Name Origins of Judge








I’ll make a separate page and report on the Immigration Research for the Breheny/Judge/Lee families.

Important to note in the interim is that : Sligo port (Sligo town) was an important port of departure for emigrant ships sailing to North America. This was the nearest such port to JUDGE homelands, but other researchers do note that by far the majority (maybe 85%) of Irish immigrants to Newfoundland were from within about 60 miles (100 km) of the port of Waterford, Ireland, which is why you see you many places of birth listed as Wexford, for example.

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