Judge Family Ancestors

Breheny Coat of ArmsBreheny Coat of Arms

James Breheny (Father to John Breheny and husband to Catherine nee Lee) was born c.1813.

He was the first born, so retained the name of his father, also names James Breheny.

James Breheny c1813 as far as I can tell from the Carracastle parish records, had two brothers, he may have had other brothers and sisters (confirmation yet to be acquired).

  1. Gilbert
  2. Patrick

James Breheny married Anne (nee Judge 1851) and they had possibly more than four children, (Records to be acquired to validate this).

  1. John
  2. Pat
  3. Mary
  4. Margret
  • Son Pat married a Mary Towey from Lissymulgee, Carracastle County Mayo, Ireland. Pat and Mary had four children,
  1. Mary (6/5/1894)
  2. James (2/2/1896)
  3. Ellen (3/10/1897) married a Pat Regan. Pat worked in England and was no relation to the Tim Regan who owned the Public House in Carracastle.
  4. Pat (27/4/1902).

They all lived on the farm in Calva, County Mayo Ireland. They lived in a two cottage home and the land they worked on was owned by British landlords.  On each birth certificate in those days the name of the British landlord was often listed.

  • John Breheny (Born Nov 1848 – Died 26.9.1927) married Catherine Breheny (Nee Lee, Born 1854 – Died Feb 1950) and they had seven children.
  1. Mary Ellen (1888)
  2. *James Joseph (1889 – 1956)
  3. John Joseph ‘Known as Jack’ (1892)
  4. Ellen ? (1894 – 1977)
  5. Patrick Joseph (1894)
  6. Kate (1899 – 1926)
  7. Thomas Joseph (1903 – 1933)

* James Joseph is my grandfather.

Note : Mary, James, Pat and John emigrated to Australia where they used the surname of ‘Judge’ instead of Breheny. Ellen Breheny immigrated to Philadelphia and later Chicago America and married Pat Coughlin. She is today buried at Evergreen Park, Illanoi, USA

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