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Coleman Coat of Arms

Ann Lee was the sister to Catherine Breheny (Nee Lee) married Michael Coleman.

Anne and Michael Coleman had three children.

  1. Kate
  2. Tom
  3. Michael B. 1883 – Died 88 years in 23.1.1971.
  • Kate Coleman married Bill Knight (USA) (Jim Coleman’s Aunty).
  • Tom Coleman married Mary Reagan (Mary died in childbirth having a daughter called Kate).
  • Michael Coleman married Brigitte (Nee Kilbride) B. 1885 – Died 16.11.1979 Aged 96 years.

    Michael Coleman 'Micky'

    Michael Coleman ‘Micky’

Mary Kilbride

Mary Kilbride

Michael had 7 children, (this order is not quite correct as I need to receive further confirmation for this).

  1. Michael Junior
  2. Rose
  3. Tom
  4. Ann
  5. Jim Coleman Senior
  6. Joe Patrick
  7. Una
  • Michael and Jim Coleman (Micky was recovering from a broken wrist/arm)

    Michael and Jim Coleman (Micky was recovering from a broken wrist/arm)

    Jim worked in England and these were his colleagues at the time

    Jim worked in England and these were his colleagues at the time

    Jim and Attracta ColemanJim Coleman Senior married Attactra (nee Drudy) on the 9th June 1955. Attracta came from the same village of Glann, Charlestown, Mayo Ireland as Hugh Battle  (Father in law to Mary Breheny, daughter of John and Catherine Breheny).

  • Jim and Attract have three children:

Jim and Attracta's Wedding

  1. Rosemary Coleman married David FarrellIMG_1178
  2. James Coleman who married Amelia Collern (D).
  3. Michael Coleman who married Catherine Grady and had 5 children.

Jim Coleman went to England to work on the 4.3.1943 and spent 6 months in Essex. He went onto Lincolnshire, England in Sept 1943 and worked there for 2 years.  

Jim recalls that Catherine Breheny, (his Grandmother Ann Lee’s sister and my great grandmother) died whilst he was living and working in England.

Jim recalls his first time visiting London was in 1945. He had arranged to meet up with Jimmy Battle in London.

Jim recalls that his cousin Jim Battle from Australia had 10 days leave from the War, stopped at Jim’s house in the year 1942. Jim later received a letter from his cousin Jimmy from the War Correspondents office, which he posted back to Catherine Breheny. If he had known that Jimmy Battle was to die over the battle field, he would never have parted with that letter.

The family lost Attracta on the 9th June 2006 age 77 leaving behind, daughter Rosemary and son in law David and their 2 sons – Brian and Dermott.

Oldest son Jim Coleman and lastly youngest son Michael and his wife Catherine  and their five children, of which the two boys are not in the photo below with their grandfather.

Treasa, Sheila, Claire with Grandfather Jim Coleman Senior

Treasa, Sheila, Claire with Grandfather Jim Coleman Senior

Note Much of the Coleman ancestry has been completed by Michael Coleman, son of Tom and Margaret Coleman.

Tom married Mary Dreney (spelling to be confirmed) formerly from Ballaghadeereen County Mayo.

Note about Carracastle graveyard headstones: Jim Coleman Senior organised to have his Uncle Tom’s name engraved on his parents grave – Michael and Anne Coleman. So Tom Coleman, Jim Coleman Senior’s, Uncle’s grave stone is marked as a flat stone.

Many years before many of the graves were dug by neighbours and family members, they were marked simply with flag stones.

2 thoughts on “Coleman Clan

  1. Patrice says:

    Good day. I was wondering if your Attracta Coleman is the same Attracta who might or might not be related to the Geevers of Mayo/Roscommon. My aunt visited with her in 1986 and took pictures of her house and what was supposed to be my Grandmothers house. Both on the same property. I have a picture but I can’t attach here. I’ll email if you give me address.
    Thank you.

    1. sylviecarter says:

      Hi Patrice, My apologies for not replying to your post earlier. I painted the portrait of Attracta, for her husband Jim Coleman, current resident in our ancestors farm land which is only a stone’s throw from the Catholic church in Ballaghadareen, County Mayo. Be great to see your picture you mentioned of Attracta. my email is

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