Judge Family Ancestors

Thomas ‘Tom’ Breheny

Used to walk to church with his cousin Jim Coleman, whose grandmothers were sisters and neighbours. He never married, although he wanted to marry a nurse called ‘Cath Regan’ whom his mother wouldn’t approve of, because she knew Tom had TB.  Tom lived with his mother and father and today is buried with his father John Breheny, at Carracastle, County Mayo Ireland.

Kate Breheny

Kate is the sister to Thomas, Mary, James, John, Ellen and Patrick Breheny of Carracastle, County Mayo, Ireland.  Mary died of Tuberculosis aged 25 and is today buried with her mother, Catherine Breheny (nee Lee) and also her grandparents the Lees.

Tom’s father John, died before him according to Jim Coleman (TBC circa 1848). Also Tom died also a year before the Carracastle Brass Band photo was taken.

Band Photo
Band Photo
Carracastle Brass Band
Carracastle Brass Band

Apparently Thomas Breheny used to play the flute. He died more than 10 years before this Carracastle brass band was photographed was taken.

Catherine used to take the children down the crossing where there was music played and used to dance there.

According to Jim Coleman, the Carracaslte drum kit was kept in Catherine and John Breheny’s family home.

Catherine Breheny gave Thomas’ leaver pocket watch to Jim Coleman. According to Jim Coleman, the watch needed repairs and he took it to a watchmaker and never got it back, that was in 1942.

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