Judge Family Ancestors

Jack Judge

Jack Judge

John Joseph Judge was named after his father, John ‘known also as Jack’ which makes it tricky to work out which is which at times.

John was born in 14 February 1926 in Townsville, Queensland. He married Alma Ada (nee Pepperdine) on the 19 December 1959, aged 33 years. John and Alma met at their Catholic school St Francis, according to Alma.

John had the same strong bushy eyebrows that my late father Harry Judge had.  John worked on the Queensland railways and at that time lived at Georgina Street, Wulguru, Townville.

Sadly John died June 12 1985 from a road accident, when he was riding his push bike on his way home from work, he was 59 years old.

John left behind his wife Alma and 4 sons and a daughter.

  1. Paul Joseph
  2. Luke Joseph
  3. Peter Joseph
  4. Gerard Joseph
  5. Jacinta Mary – children Jameel and ?

John was the brother to

  1. Patrick Judge (Townsville, never married)
  2. James Judge
  3. Kathryn Judge
  4. Ellen Judge (in Brisbane)
  5. ?
  6. Margaret Patterson (nee Judge, youngest of siblings) in Brisbane

Other family members and children photos to be included on this page shortly.

Photos of Luke, David, Tom, Paul, Gerard, Simone, Henry (little)

Coleen Weber, Wilma, Wilma, Jack Judge, Sharni, Christine, Jahmul, Natalie, Beau and Rachel. (Samara in front of her Jacinta)

Weber, Weber, Kath Weber ( Deceased. nee Judge), Jack’s sister, Alma, Patrick Judge (Jack’s brother never married), Sue Judge (Paul’s wife). and Michael Judge.

Other relatives from Queensland Judge’s include :



Peter Judge Married Simone, have

  1. Henry James Judge
  2. Rachel Kathleen Judge
  3. Teasha Judge (Step sister)
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