Judge Family Ancestors

Ellen Breheny

Ellen Breheny 2/8/1894 – 1977

Ellen Breheny was born a twin with her brother Patrick on the 2 August 1894.

She travelled to the USA Philadelphia and stayed with an Aunt there, not sure where exactly.  Possibly to stay with a sister to her mother Katherine Breheny (nee Lee)

Ellen met and married a Patrick Coughlin (DOB to be confirmed). After Ellen and Patrick married and started a family they moved to Chicago, as there was much more work and opportunities there.

Coughlin Coat of ArmsBreheny Coat of ArmsThis variant spelling Coghlan, Co(u)ghlin and Cohalan, is an Anglicized form of two distinct Gaelic Irish sept names, the first being MacCochlain of County Offaly, and the latter, O Cochlain of County Cork. The Gaelic prefix ‘mac’ indicates ‘son of’ and ‘O’, ‘male descendant of’, plus the personal byname ‘cochlan’ meaning ‘a short hooded cloak’; hence, ‘descendant of the cowled or hooded one’. The MacCoughlan territory comprised the modern barony of Garry castle, County Offaly, and they had many strongholds in the Banagher – Clonmacnois area. Their chief was known as Chief of Delvin MacCoughlan. Records show that in 1665 two MacCoughlan families possessed over 3,400 acres of land.

Ellen and Pat Coughlin had two children, a boy and a girl.

  1. Mary who married Pat Resen.
  2. John ‘Jack’ William (Died at a young age)
  3. Patricia Ann m. Bernard Flederbach (Had 2 children Katherine and Maureen who married Lymm Roddy.
  4. Helen Veronica – married Mcgowan (Now deceased)
  5. Margaret Ann (Now deceased)

Mary married Jack Resen and they had one son William Patrick Resen, born in Pennsylvania in June 1946, United States who married, became a lawyer and later after a papal dissolution became a Catholic Pastor in Tennessee USA.

Mary Resen, daughter attended Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church (TBC), and then St Leo’s Parish Grammar School, Chicago and then later high school, some miles away from where they lived, at the Dominican Academy.  To get there Mary had to take two street cars and a bus.

John ‘Jack’ William Coughlin passed away in the UK, but I’m not sure of the details, except that he was very young and that his sister Mary was also very young at the time.

Patricia Ann married Bernard Flederbach date TBC…….They had 2 girls, Katherine who died in a tragic road accident and Maureen who is today living and often sees and speaks with Mary Resen, her Aunty.  Maureen is now known as Maureen Flederbach Roddy and she and I are connected on Facebook.  Patricia died ……… TBC.

Helen McGowan (nee Coughlin) I’m still researching about. She is now deceased also.

Margaret Ann Kovaric– Lives in Tennessye and married Gerome Kovaric. They had a son home from aviation school, when they were living near a golf course. His name was Gerry, their eldest son. He died tragically from being struck by lightening in their garden. Their other children John and Patty Kovaric I believe are still living and working in Tennessee.  (not sure if I have the spelling correct as it may be Kovarik instead).

Back to more information about Ellen.

She left Ireland after persuading her mother she need to go to the USA to earn more money. The times were very difficult in those days and Ellen could see that she had an opportunity if she travelled.  Ellen many years later returned after her mother and father had passed away. She inherited the Breheny family property, some 22 acres in County Mayo Carracastle Ireland and later sold this by Auction to her second cousin Jim Coleman.

Ellen was a tall and slender woman. She had blue blue eyes and was extremely hard working.  She used to give her daughter Mary envelopes to post back to Ireland to her grandmother, with whatever money she could muster.  They worked very hard and her husband was also very tall and a quite man, who worked in the construction industry.

Both Ellen and Jack lived in Philadelphia USA and then later moved to live near Beverley Hills Chicago.

Ellen Coughlin (nee Breheny and Sylvie Carter’s great Aunt) Died in 1983 and is today buried Evergreen Park, Illanoi, USA

Mary Resen I’m told visited Australia at one time.  Sylvie Carter (author of this site’s) cousin Maryann Goggins (nee Judge) tells a story about her Dad Jim Judge asking her the morning of her arrival, to go and collect Mary from the international airport in Australia.  She had no idea what Mary or her mother Ellen looked like, however when she got to the airport amongst the throngs of faces they miraculously found each other.

Mary and her son Father Patrick Resen are in contact with the author of this website.

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