Judge Family Ancestors

Catherine Breheny

Catherine Breheny (Nee Lee)

John Breheny (or also spelt Breheney) of Lismulgee Road, Carracastle, Ballaghaderreen, County Mayo married Catherine Breheny (nee Lee).

In the Irish language, Brehon or Brehen or Brehan have an ancient origin that roughly translates
to the english name “Judge”.

Catherine and John Breheny were neighbours as children and they most likely even went to school together.  Across a small field they could see each other’s homes.

Catherine was born 1857 and Died 13th February 1950.

I found a baptism record for 1861….Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. I believe according to the Census of 1911, Catherine of Lissymulgee, was 54 years of age (9 years difference between herself and her husband John Breheny. She may have been baptised many years later, when they could afford the service perhaps?

John and Catherine married 3rd March 1883 by Father P. Durcan County Mayo  (Witnesses Patt Lee and Catherine Tully).

Catherine had Mary her first child when she was about 31 yrs of age. She and John had 7 children (James, John (known as Jack) Ellen and twin Patrick, Mary, Cath (known as Kate)and Tom.

Catherine died age 93 yrs (TBC with certificate) she had Parkinson’s but did not die of this, according to (Jim Coleman her grand nephew) and neighbour. Catherine slipped on flagstones near her house and broke her hip, she went to hospital and died there.   Catherine (my great grandmother) is buried at Carracastle Cemetery, with her mother and father and daughter Kate. Note at the gravesite each plot accepts 4 coffins.

Catherine had two sisters and a brother (Further records required to validate this).

  1. Anne Lee
  2. Patk Lee
  3. Ellen Lee
  4. Bridget Lee
  • Anne Lee married Michael Coleman and they had 2 sons –  Tom (oldest) and Micky (Michael) and a daughter Kate.   Micky was father to Jim Coleman (who met with Sylvie Carter, author of this site in 2013 and passed along some family stories about Catherine Breheny and others).
John Breheny's Tombstone

John Breheny’s Tombstone

2013-08-10 18.37.11

Catherine Breheny (nee Lee) Gravesite with daughter Kate.

Catherine and John Breheny had 7 children.

  1. Mary Ellen Battle (1888) Emigrated to Australia
  2. James Joseph Judge (1889 – 1956) Emigrated to Australia
  3. John Joseph ‘Known as Jack’ (1892) Emigrated to Australia
  4. Ellen Mary Coughlin (1894 – 1977) Emigrated to Philadelphia USA
  5. Patrick Joseph (1894) Emigrated to Australia
  6. Kate (1899 – 1926) Died of TB
  7. Thomas Joseph (1903 – 1933) Died of TB

    Ellen Breheny Ellen Breheny Emigrated to USA

    James Joseph Judge, Mary Judge and John 'Jack' Judge (Formerly Breheny's in Ireland).

    Patrick Joseph Judge, Mary Judge and John ‘Jack’ Judge (Different Surname in Ireland = Breheny).

Breheny family tree

Breheny family tree on Genes Reunited website














THE GRANARY was built 1912. 

From at least 1921 John Breheny suffered from Alzheimer’s, according to Jim Coleman.

John and Catherine were alive, according to Jim Coleman when they lost their daughter Catherine ‘Kate’ died of Tuberculosis. She wanted to be buried with her mother and father and today can be found in the cemetery of Carracastle buried with her mother Catherine Breheny nearby her father’s grave.

John Breheny’s had a sister Ellen Breheny who married a Pat Regan. Pat Regan worked in England and was no relation to the Tim Regan who owned the Public House in Carracastle. Their daughter was Mary Regan. They lived on a farm in Calva. They lived in a two cottage home and the land they worked on was owned by British landlords.

According to the baptismal records.   Mary Towey married a Pat Breheny (He was the brother to John Breheny and so the Uncle of James Joseph and Mary Breheny (renamed Judge when they immigrated to Australia). Mary  from Lismulgee and Pat had 4 children

  1. Mary (6/5/1894)
  2. James (2/2/1896)
  3. Ellen (3/10/1897)
  4. Pat Junior (27/4/1902)

Below is a picture of a similar house to what I believe may have well been a house in which Catherine and John lived. A 2 chimney house, where 2 families I think lived, as according to the 1911 census, there was also a Patrick and Mary, their children and also a Margret sister to Patrick I think also living.

irish dwelling that looked a lot like the one my grandfather was born in suburbs and districts close to Ballaghaderreen Aerial photo of Lissymulgee

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  1. Tess Torres says:

    Hello Sylvie, I’m a friend of Father Patrick Resen and I’ve been trying to piece together some of his history for him. It looks like you are the key!

    1. sylviecarter says:

      Hi Tess,

      My pleasure and its fun. Thanks Tess

  2. Tess Torres says:

    Thanks Sylvie! I can’t wait to see what you’ve found!

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