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Brian BattleBrian Battle was the son of Patrick Joseph Battle and Bridget (nee Moran) Battle. Born Townsville Queensland.

Brian Battle currently living in Queensland. He has been studying most of his life. Started as a fitter and turner, dealing with the various processes involved in making or producing components required in the manufacturing, engineering and technological environment.

Brian joined BHP (today known as BHPBilliton) as a trainee Marine Engineer and he went to sea.  He had to go and do a series of engineering studies to land based engineering. He went on to become a second engineer with JC Huttons in Brisbane.

He met Margaret (Pickering) when he went to college, studying Marine Engineering in Newcastle.

Brian and Margaret lost their first daughter to SIDS and later had their son Christopher born in Brisbane, Carol now living in Melbourne and daughter Amanda (Now Deceased) in Toowoomba.

Brian he went onto live in Toowoomba with Margaret and the family and became Chief Engineer for the Public Abattoir. A job he spend roughly 10 years in Toowoomba QLD Australia.

He then spent 3 years KR Darling Downs – 98-year-old small goods and export Abattoir (One of Queensland’s biggest pig processors, now no longer in operation). He was then poached by a Japanese consortium and he moved to Forbes in NSW. Which was owned by one man and who entrusted you to refurbished or rebuilt the million dollar complex.  They had a feedlot that held 12,000 cattle for example. They were killing 500 – 600 cattle, 3,000 sheep and 600 pigs.

Margaret his wife started working with the Catholic Education – Redbend Catholic High School – Boarding high school. Later to become Deputy Principal at Nowra in NSW and today in a catholic high school in Toowoomba.

Brian retired at age 50, and after about 9 months he took up consulting for a DairyFarmers for 3 months and that finished up being a full time job. DairyFarmers offered him a release of study and sponsorship which enabled him to study for his Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational and Environmental Health.

Brian and Margaret moved Kingaroy, Queensland and over a period of time Brian worked for various companies within the meat industry, explosives, oil and gas and finally transport.

Brian had his second retirement on the 12 January 2015.

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With time to spare he and wife Margaret visited Ireland, in 2011 and again around December 2013. Brian also went to France, where he went to see the grave of Jimmy Battle (his second cousin) who was shot down over France during the war.

Brian Battle’s grand father was James Battle. He had a younger brother Timothy and a sister Annie Gormley (who remained in Ireland) I think but am not sure if there was another sister call Margret (who was deaf, but apparently could read and write – according to Jim Coleman of Carracastle who remembers her well).

James Battle was born March 3rd 1863 on a farm near the River Moy in the village of Cloonacool in the parish of Tubbercurry near Sligo. His father may also have been called James, as it was tradition to name your firstborn son after the father in Ireland.River Moy photo

The James, his brother Timoty left Ireland in June 1873 for England.
We know that  James Battle, died in about 1953 and is buried in Brisbane, Toowong Cemetery. 
James was the eldest of 3 sons:
  1. James
  2. Timothy (‘Tim’)
  3. Matthew
  4. Annie ( she married and became Annie Gormley and had 2 sons
  5. I’m not sure but I think they may have had another sister (TBC) Maggie…but this could be another Battle family not sure.
  • Jim Gormley – migrated to Australia in 1914 and married in Sydney– He had 2 children Josie and Frank.
  • Paul Gormley was a naval officer who visited Australia several times.

Back to more background on James Battle.  He moved to Australia, with his brother Timothy and Matthew and settled in Mount Morgan.

About 12 months after arriving he married Bridget Battle (nee Moran) in Rockhampton. He married a girl whose maiden name was Bridget Moran. (Her sister was Agnes Moran). Aunty Agnes (to Brian Battle and Loretta O’Reagan (nee Battle). Aunty Agnes lived in Brisbane.

James Battle lived in Mount Morgan and had a large family. Nearly all boys and 1 girl. 13 sons and 1 daughter. There were triplets who died at birth. And then there were twins Matthew Peter and Patrick Joseph Battle. These boys lost their mother when they were about 9 years of age. They were shipped off to St Joseph’s  Collage Christian brothers college in Nudgee Toowoomba Queensland. The story goes that they couldn’t settle and were homesick and the brothers packed off them off to go home.

Patrick Joseph Battle – one of the boys later went to the Brothers school in Rockhampton and worked later as a Newspaper Reader (Proof). After the great depression in Australia, Patrick took to the bush and became a wool classer. He worked in western QLD for many years and ultimately in the meantime the family moved to Brisbane and when he was on holidays (every 12 months or so) he would return to Brisbane. Visit his sister (Hanora ‘Nora’ O’Grady (nee Battle) living at Kangaroo Point, suburb of Brisbane. Besides the Brisbane Cricket Ground.

Nora also went under the name of Grady..she dropped the ‘O’. Nora and husband Jack Grady, had one son. (Jacky) he was killed in a motor accident and about 5/6 years of age. He is buried in Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane with his Father. They are all in the same plot with James Joseph Battle.

Brian Battle is my (Sylvie Carter’s,  late father Harry Judge’s second cousin once removed) and also second cousin to  James Joseph Battle ( known as Jimmy) who was a fighter pilot in WW2 and shot down and is buried in France. Brian visited his grave earlier in 2015.

 Brian Battle has a son Christopher Battle and a daughter Carol living in Melbourne.
In the Battle family ancestry, there were a number of triples. Some of them died and the Irish family use the names again.  There for eg. James and Patrick and Peter Battle….amongst them.
Brian battle went to Mount Morgan City Council in Australia and discovered that they had had a fire and all the records of the Cementry were destroyed.
The following tombstones were photographed by Brian Battle in Ireland.
This was Cloonacool, Ireland in Sligo.  There are in 2015 2 cemeteries in Cloonacool, one new and one old one. These tombstones are in the old one.
Brian was there were 2 families of Battles in Cloonacool in the valley.
More research to be done.Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.59.24 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.45.10 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.59.02 pm
Joe Battle Died 1941
 Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.58.53 pm
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