Judge Family Ancestors

Not sure what year Patrick Joseph Battle was born, but circa 1888 perhaps and I think he was born in Mount Morgan. TBC with birth certificates etc

His Father was James Battle lived in Mount Morgan and had a large family. Nearly 11  boys and 1 girl. There were triplets who died at birth. Also a son Joseph who died at 11 months. Also there were twins Matthew, Peter and also Patrick Joseph Battle. Patrick was twin to brother Matthew ‘Mat’.

Patrick’s mother died when he was about 9 or 10 years of age. The brothers were shipped off to Nudgee Collage Christian brothers college. They couldn’t settle and were homesick and the brothers packed them off to go back home.

Patrick Joseph Battle – went to a Catholic Brothers school in Rockhampton and worked as a Newspaper Reader (Proof). After the Depression he took to the bush and became a wool classer. He worked in western QLD for many years and ultimately in the meantime the family moved to Brisbane and when he was on holidays (every 12 months or so) he would return to Brisbane. Visit his sister (Hanora ‘Nora’ O’Grady (nee Battle) living at Kangaroo Point, suburb of Brisbane. She lived besides the Brisbane Cricket Ground, must have been very close to the Woolloongabba in Brisbane.

Nora also went under the name of Grady, she was known to occasionally drop the ‘O’ in her surname. Nora and husband Jack Grady, had one son. (Jacky) he was killed in a track motor accident where the vehicle was driven by his father when he was about 5/6 years of age. He is buried in Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane along with his Father. They are all in the same plot with James Battle.

Today November 14 2015,  the son of Patrick Joseph Battle, Brian Battle shared all this history with me, (Sylvie Carter’s).  He would be a cousin once removed I think to my late father Harry Judge’s cousin and also cousins to  James Joseph Battle ( known as Jimmy) who was a fighter pilot in WW2 and shot down and is buried in France.

I also spoke today with Brian’s only sister Loretta O’Reagan, 7 years his elder, who confirmed much of what Brian had shared about the family tree.  Loretta also remembers her father Patrick nearly one day wrote on a blackboard all about the tree, but then said, “Darn its not a tree, it is more like a Forrest” or something to that effect.   So today Loretta shared what she could remember about her Uncles and parents family relatives.

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