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  1. Sylvia. Great read. Thanks for posting the story. Would you be able to put me in touch with Jim Coleman? Like yourself, I visited Carracastle Cemetery a fortnight ago to track down relatives in the Carracastle area. I am trying to establish the name and location of the Conway Estate/farm in the Carracastle-Barroe-Carrowntober vicinity during the 1890’s up to the 1940’s. Hope you can help. Many thanks. Dave Conway. London U.K.

  2. There are a pack of Judges here in the states, my grandfather is named John Judge so is his first son. It’s a family tradition up to that point. Maybe there’s more to the story?

    • Hi

      Absolutely….the key is where about’s in Ireland were your relatives from originally. Be good to discover a link.

    • Do you have any more information on your Judge family tree or info you could share?

      • Hi Paul, The family tree research I have done is all on a site called – Gene’s Reunited. You need to have a membership and password to get access to this site and then you can send (via that site) a request to share family trees. Hope this assists. Regards Sylvie

  3. Hello there, my name is Frances Connolly (nee Casey) and my Grandmother was Mary Agnes Judge, born in Anaconda, Montana on the 12th June 1895, to Marguerite Judge and Matthew Judge (I believe that Marguerite maiden name was Breheney). I have her Baptismal Certificate which states that James Judge and Mary Reid were her sponsors. I know that Marguerite and Matthew returned to Ireland, in the early 1900’s as he had lung disease from working in the copper mines. They purchased a house in Tallaghan, Edmondstown, Ballaghaderreen, in County Roscommon. Mary Agnes Judge married Patrick Casey, I am not sure when. They had five children, my father was second eldest and was born and raised partly in Edmonstown and Ballaghaderreen. My father had two brothers Matthew and Thomas, and two sisters Margaret and Attracta. The only one that remains alive now is Attracta and she is in her mid 80’s and lives in Harrow in London.

    Is there any possiblity that we are related somehow. I do remember as a child being down in the West and some American cousins visiting? That would have been about 45 years ago? I think both the families Breheney and Judge must have been very big families by today’s standards. I think originally Matthew Judge came from Newbridge, County Kildare.

    Let me know if you come up with anything.

    Kindest regards


  4. Looking for maiden name Kathleen Judge from possibly Cou to West Heath Ireland
    She would be around 89 now.

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