Visual Diary

Visual Diary

Family history can be easily lost from one generation to another.

Few people have either the time or the inclination to keep up with it all.  However it is possible in little less than 10 days to have your visual diary created for you, check out also ‘Research Steps’ page on this site.

This site is a result of my family tree research trip to Ireland in August 2013 and various subsequent  conversations culminating in a visual online diary for family and relatives.  

The objectives for creating this site included :

  1. Create a logical visual diary and layout on my Irish ancestry to learn more about how the past has shaped me and my family, particularly my late father and his grandfather.
  2. Share my Irish family history and stories to connect with relatives, including those using the online family tree research programme known as  Genes Reunited.
  3. Provide some useful links and resources to others interested in doing similar research; wanting to set up a similar website with the expertise of FAMILY MATTERS and or travel to Ireland to learn more about its rich history.

Click on the title FAMILY MATTERS above to learn more.

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