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My first visit to Ireland was in late August 2013.  I only had a few photos and even less information about myIrish ancestory or the history of Ireland and the region where my father’s Irish ancestors. Many of the photos I gathered and used for this website came from a chance meeting on that road trip and the subsequent ongoing research.

My grandfather was James Joseph Judge (Born 1889) in Carracastle, Ballaghadereen, County Mayo, Ireland. He immigrated to Australia in the early 1930’s and went onto become a publican of several large hotels/pubs in Queensland, Australia.  His descendants knew very little about their Irish history, because he never spoke of his life in Ireland, excepting to mention his father’s surname and where he was born.

Wikipedia Map of Ireland

Prior to visiting Ireland I came across some invaluable information about the shires or counties in Ireland and where to visit.  On arrival in Ireland and over the course of just one week, I located my great, great grand parents graves, a photo of my great grandmother and visited her small farm on the river Moy. I had the good fortune of meeting with my fathers’ cousin, the late Jim Coleman, who had purchased, many years ago, my great grandmother and fathers’ farm and an old granary that was later restored.  Jim’s generous spirit and excellent memory provided me and my family with some valueable information going back several generations, including several relatives living in the USA. This site is a result of that trip and the subsequent family tree research conversations. 

Author Notes

  • The Breheny’s spelling throughout this website and on the family tree linked to it, there are several slight variations according to the census of 1901, of the spelling of Breheny into Breheney.
  • Importantly so as to embrace the philosophy of continuous improvement we welcome your ideas, facts and or feedback comments on this site and or anything else presented. There will be certain to be some bits of information that are not correct. I have put down things the way I found them, and things were often wrong on census forms, other handwritten documents, records written down from the spoken words of a citizen, but written the way the scribe thought it sounded, often because the citizen in those  days could not read or write. Sometimes people in recent times have given me or someone else information they  thought to be accurate, but turns out to  be not quite right. I can only say I have made every effort to get things down correctly, but inaccuracies are bound to exist.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Jim Regan says:

    my name is Jim Regan .i have been researching my Teatum/Tatum/teatom family from Carracastle Co. Mayo for some time now. i have found information of Breheny conections with the Teatom family line. a john Tatum married to Mary Breheny. children Catherine and James born 1864,Margaret born 1866 and Anne born 1868. Alos a bridget Tatum married Thomas Breheny child Hanora. i have not been able to find the direct connection to my family line and was wondering if you have found any Teatum/ Breheny connections. my email is

    1. sylviecarter says:

      Hi Jim,

      Your research sounds really interesting. I take it you are actually there, in Ireland, so would be great to connect and share what we know about the family trees. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the gravesite for Anne and John Breheny/Breheney whilst I was visiting the cemetery in Carracastle. My Dad’s cousin is still alive and he remembers the Regan’s very well. He lives there and actually purchased the property that was my great grandmothers. My email in Australia is

      1. Jim Regan says:

        i just noticed you post. no i am not living in Ireland. i live in New York. would certainly be interested in any connections you may have found with the Teatom family from Carracastle.

  2. Frances D'Lasselle says:

    Hello Jim & All

    I wonder are the Tatums you are looking to contact from ‘Calvara’ Carricastle? I think my Aunty Maureen Nee Regan of Cloonlumney told me we were related to them but she didn’t know how we were connected. Might I suggest you drop them a line as somebody there has to be looking after the old Home that I think is now closed. From memory there was a Jim there. Alternatively I am happy to do that for you when I am next in Cloonlumney (probably Summer)? Marty has done the job for me on the gravestone front in Carricastle. Francis Breheney of Cloonlumney was my Great Uncle.

    Anything further just prompt me and I’ll do what I can as sure Family matters.

    All the best
    Frances D’Lasselle Nee Regan of Cloonlumney

    1. sylviecarter says:

      Hi Frances, sorry it has taken me forever to reply to your comment on the website. I only look at this website I created after my holiday to Ireland in 2014 every now and again. I do think there is a relational link to the Regan’s….because I live in Australia it is tricky or challenging to have the time and or the $ to go purchase all the family tree records. We have made a great start on the family tree research, but long way to go. Jim Coleman purchased my great grandmothers farm ( he was her nephew on her sister’s side of the family). So I think my father’s cousin once removed…but not sure about the once removed bit..(how it works I mean). The old home, well was not the main house but the ‘Granary’ remains and has been carefully restored on the property. So interesting as my Great Grandmother, and Father and their children that did not emigrate to Australia and US used to live on the top floor of the Granary for a time, until the main house was built. It eventually got deconstructed and bit of a mystery really what happened to the main house…which I think originally housed several generations of the Breheny’s clan in Carracastle, Ballaghadereen, County Mayo. So I think Francis Breheney would be a relative…but any records about him or even a photo of the gravestone would be something we could add to this website. Many thanks and please feel free to get in touch.

      1. Frances DLasselle says:

        Thank you for your mail. Do you have a mobile number and are you on ‘whats app’? If so I could then send you the photo straight away of the grave stone as I am sure there is one in my arkives. Good to hear from you and I didnt forget you I am a bit like yourself this Tree comes up every now and then but hey its always there…..! Best regards Frances F. D’Lasselle

      2. sylviecarter says:

        Hi Frances, yes my email might be best though.

      3. james regan says:

        Hi Francis as you can see from the info posted on this website there are some connections i was able to find between Regan and Teatom in Carracastle. My Regan family comes from Co. Limerick so they are not connected with the Regan family from Mayo. i would be very interested in any further info you have on you Teatom connections. My 3rd great grandfather came to the U.S. in the 1860’s and i have not been able to find much about the family that remained. Do you have any connection with Martin Regan and Bridget Plover line? Bridget was the daughter of Ned Plover and bridget Teatom( sister of my 3rd great grandfather James). all the best Jim

  3. Judee Czyzewski says:

    My mother’s family are Judges from County Mayo. I’m wondering if we are somehow related. I don’t know anything about her lineage except her father was Joseph Judge and I’ve been told they are from Mayo. I’ll need to do some digging now.

    1. sylviecarter says:

      Cool I think we would be related given your father was Joseph Judge….that is very much in the family history. Look forward to hearing what you discover. cheers Sylvie

    2. Reece Judge says:

      Hi, i’ve also been looking into my family heritage and want to speak to other judges

    3. Reece Judge says:

      Hi, i’ve also been looking into my family heritage and want to speak to other judges

      1. sylviecarter says:

        Hi Reece, We may be distantly related given my family ancestors, the Breheny’s came from County Mayo, Ireland. Happy to share any research you have as well. Regards Sylvie Carter

  4. Owen O'Flynn says:

    My mother was a Judge, through her maternal line, mt great grandfather was born in Ballaghadereen. He was a master carpenter, as was his father! I’ve looked into it and found that they were Mill builders and alot of Judges originated near Crossmolina, following the rivers to ply their trade. A family of Judges emigrated to Manchester from Ballyhaunis and one of their sons grew up to be Jack Judge. He was an entertainer, singer and songwriter, of music hall fame and wrote “It’s a long way to Tipperary”. The old irish Breton Laws, were the laws governing pre-norman control of ireland, were name after the sons of the Judges, Brehenys!!

  5. Juanita says:

    Hello my name is Juanita Judge from Placentia Newfoundland,Canada. My 3rd generation grandfather was Patrick Judge from Mayo

    1. Hi Juanita How interesting. He may well have been my Father’s Great Uncle, Did he have a brother called John? My grandfather was James Joseph Judge, his mother Katherine (nee Lee) Breheny which is ‘Judge’ when anglized. Her husband my great grandfather was John Breheny. All buried in the same spot in Rosecommon County Mayo, Ballaghadereen
      Cheers Sylvie

  6. Desley Ferris says:

    I have been researching the judge family tree for months now. I started researching for a work friend. I have come across some information from births deaths and marriages. There are 3 more children that I could find from John Joseph Judge (1892-1961) and Mary Kelly (1905-1969) Michael Joseph Judge ( 1923-1945), Francis Thomas Judge (1925-1938) and Thomas Judge (1929-1931). I have spoken to some people from the Judge family also and they remember these relatives as brother of Margaret, Ellen, James, Kathleen, Patrick and John.

    1. How interesting. Thank you for getting in contact.

  7. brian judge says:

    my family are judges from shanaghy ballina, my grandfather had a farm where as children we spent great holidays. he married a ciss lynch.dont kkow if there is a connection

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